About Us

During the many years we’ve spent fishing and guiding the Damdochax we’ve come to know the river and its moods intimately.  Our first preference as a team of guides is to sight fish for the river’s steelhead, a special experience in the world of Steelhead angling, and one we enjoy as much as our anglers.

My mother Alice and I own and operate Damdochax River Lodge.  We’ve come to know the Damdochax valley since the late 1970’s and during that time we’ve established a deep understanding not only for the river and its fish, but every aspect of the valley’s ecosystem.  In many ways we feel we are the new pioneers in an ancient tradition of native settlers, whose legacy we still adhere to now.  We care passionately about the environment around us, and we’ve always been led by our desire to ensure that the Damdochax is preserved for generations to come.

Our Team

Alice Williams – Owner
Hannah Belford – Head Guide/Owner
Ryota Oki – Chef
Nick Zoll – International Sales

Alice and my father Ken first opened up the animal trails on the river in 1977 and we’ve fished and guided on the river since then. During my family’s forty+ years on Damdochax we’ve coexisted in harmony with the biodiversity that calls the river home. We’re proud of the fishery we’ve established and love sharing it with our guests, acquainting them to the valley, its wildlife, rivers and of course, the fish!

Living in remote Pacific Northwest rainforest presents many challenges, and we all bring our own skill set to life in camp.  In addition to the work we do in the valley and around camp, Alice is a part-time guide, a certified healing touch practitioner, and a water colour artist.  I am the head guide, the webmaster, an interior designer, and a graphic artist.

Between my mother and I, we have over 60 years’ experience guiding the Damdochax and Nass rivers.  Our guides and staff are chosen for their enthusiasm and love of the Pacific Northwest.  All of our team, whether in camp, on the river, or back in the office are passionate about the Damdochax ecosystem and the opportunity it has given all of us to be a part of a unique wilderness.  We look forward to welcoming you to the valley, and introducing you to one of the world’s last great Steelhead rivers.