UPDATE – for 2021, Damdochax will open for August 17th.  We anticipate having NO access to internet or telephone for the first few weeks, and perhaps, the whole season; however, we both will have an inReach with us.

Updated contact information is below.

If you have a Garmin inReach you can inquire and contact Hannah and Alice directly.  For those who do not, you can contact us off of our Garmin share pages, which is the recommended contact message for this season.  These links are below.  There are directions on the Garmin pages on how to inquire.  Include your email address and/or cell phone number in the message, and we will respond quickly.  If we do have internet, we will contact you via regular email after initial contact.

Damdochax River Lodge
Box 544, Smithers B.C. V0J 2N0

Hannah Chloë Thorne Belford – Owner/General Manager
hannah@damdochax.come / hannah2@inreach.garmin.com / share.garmin.com/HannahChloeThorneBelford

Alice Loraine Williams – Owner/Expediter
alicewilliams@damdochax.come / alicewilliams@inreach.garmin.com / https://share.garmin.com/AliceWilliams

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Contact 2