Damdochax Trout

The Damdochax is pristine – a stunningly fertile breeding ground, and home to a truly unspoiled, world-class trout fishery. Beginning trouters will see immediate results, even on upstream dries, and short casts are often enough. The more experienced may choose a sharper challenge, going fine and far off without indicators on upstream nymphs. Whatever the level or method chosen, the rewards and pleasures are as rich.

An abundance of 100% wild, native, exquisite Rainbows. The trout fishing in the Damdochax is exquisite, especially in the headwaters. In general, the average Rainbow & Cutbow are 17 to 20+ inches long, fat, lovely, solid and very strong. They are a well marked, deep, healthy and powerful fish, reaching up to 4 lbs.

Our Rainbow and Cutbow live and thrive amongst healthy runs of Chinook, Coho, Bull Trout, Dolly Varden and Whitefish in the summer months. In trout season, all 7 are available, the Bull Trout reaching upwards of 8 lbs., the Dolly Varden are smaller and more delicate, with bright pink spots.

In August, sight casting to spooky 20-40 pound Chinook is also a thrill. As strong as horses and as quick as cats, they test the strength of you, and your gear.

In late summer, we anticipate our first early Steelhead. They are always a pleasant surprise…a true angling challenge and lasting memory to the lucky and unsuspecting trout anglers who hook them on their five weight rods.