Frank Amato
Since 1978 I have been visiting the headwaters of the Nass River in the valley of the Damdochax River. This enchanted valley is home to many different wild animals and the river itself sets a wonderful table for the many Black and Grizzly bears that wander along it. There are Steelhead, Coho, Chinook, Char and Rainbow in the river and lake. The whole area is incredible because of its naturalness. The entire state of Oregon has nothing like it!

Bob White
The Damdochax River in British Columbia for Steelhead, Pacific Salmon and Trout. If I had discovered British Columbia first, I would have never made it to southwest Alaska. Everything about BC is big and larger-than-life except the beautiful little Damdochax River, which is as intimate and jewel-like as any river I’ve ever waded. It’s the quintessential fly-fishing experience.

Eric Owen
This is no ordinary fishery, no ordinary place. It’s a place to live only in the moment with the bears, the trees, the water and the fish. To feel the fly be taken, and hear the reel sing. To walk the same paths as the wolf and bear, and to share, just for a moment, their world. Keep just a bit of this place in your heart, and feed on it until the next time.

Nancy Mitchell
Ok, i’m a convert. I didn’t know river fishing could be so enjoyable. You are all great guides, and instructors. The trout were awesome! Best of all, i saw my first Grizzly in the wild. What a wonderful place for us to reflect from our busy schedules. Thanks for everything.

Trice Booth
What did we love? The regal loon family in the morning light, the beautiful walks through the forest, the huge milling salmon, the excellent guiding – and finally, being able to cast to and catch large Rainbows rising to a hatch (2-3 lb) – very exciting. Thank you to all, it was truly a wonder-ful week.