Travel & Licences

We provide a comprehensive list of essential tackle, clothing, travel notes and essential items in our pre-trip PDF which is forwarded to all our guests, but the following notes provide a basic overview:

Travel & Accommodation in Smithers

Guests are advised to arrive in Smithers on Air Jazz (a subsidiary of Air Canada) the day BEFORE their helicopter transfer into Damdochax.  Guests will be met at the Smithers airport and transferred to their hotel of choice.  Please be sure to advise us of your hotel choice prior to arrival, or request assistance in reserving accommodation.

We advise that guests make return flight reservations from Smithers and Vancouver no earlier than the day AFTER departure from Damdochax.  Our charter flights are weather dependent, and we cannot guarantee arrival in Smithers in time to ensure same day departure.

Our favorite accommodation choices in Smithers are, in order of choice, the Hudson Bay Lodge and the Stork Nest Inn.

Guests are collected from overnight accommodation at roughly 9.00 a.m. on the morning of helicopter transfer to camp. There will be time in transfer to purchase licenses and tackle from Oscars fly shop, visit the liquor store, etc.  Subject to weather and flying conditions, our flight to Damdochax will leave at approximately 10:30 a.m., arriving in camp at approximately 11:45 a.m. Guests departing Damdochax will be met at Smithers and transferred back to their hotel.  The following morning, guests will be transferred to the Smithers airport.

Fishing Regulations & Licenses

All anglers are required to buy a basic angling licence, and must also purchase a classified waters license before fishing on the Damdochax River. Also note that a Steelhead surcharge stamp is required at all times when fishing for Steelhead, or when fishing classified waters during the period when Steelhead are known to be present.

To view the B.C. 2021-2023 Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis, click here.  You can purchase your license directly from Oscars Fly & Tackle on the morning of departure from Smithers to the lodge. If you would like to purchase your license online prior, click here.

B.C Law stipulates that all rivers/streams in the province are to be fished at all times with single barbless hooks; therefore, please ensure that all your flies conform to this regulation.  We release all of our Steelhead with the utmost care and attention to their health.  Your guide will advise you on best practices for catch and release on the Damdochax river.